Project Management, Team Building & Leadership

Chalkpower Launches 8 – Full Days Training Course on

Project Management, Team Building & Leadership

March 25-April 01,2019

09:00- A.M. – 5:00 P.M. (Daily)

Istanbul, Turkey



By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

a.       Describe project management process and its benefits

b.      Use project management vocabulary and terminology

c.       Identify the characteristics of successful a successful project

d.      Create an Initial project plan

e.      Complete the five steps of the Logical Framework Approach

f.        Identify key areas of successful Monitoring and Evaluation systems

g.       Identify and perform the major aspects of project initiation, project monitoring and close out


Training Outline:

1.       Foundation Concepts

·         Project Management Process Overview

·         Focus and benefits of PM

·         Critical PM Skills

·         Concept of Triple Constraints

·         Project Life Cycles

·         PLC Overview

·         Phases, Tasks, Deliverables and Steps

·         Variations on the life cycle including an introduction to the LFA

·         Checkpoints and milestones

2.       Project Initiation

·         Initiating the project and developing the project charter

·         Project governance, program management and portfolio management

·         Roles and responsibilities of the project manager and project sponsor

·         Roles and responsibilities of the team

3.       Project Planning—Analysis and Strategy Development

·         Introduction to LFA

·         Conducting stakeholders Assessment

·         Developing Objective Trees

·         Conducting Alternatives Analysis

·         Control Environments

4.       Project Planning—the LogFrame Matrix

·         Step One: Top Down (Goal, Objectives, Outputs, Activities)

·         Step Two: Work Across (Measurable Indicators and means of verification)

·         Step Three: Bottom Up (Assumptions and Risks)

·         Benefits of Risk Management in PM (internal and external)

·         Risk Management Processes and Tools

5.       Project Planning—the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

·         The iterative nature of Project Planning

·          The central role of the WBS

·         Extending your LogFrame to a WBS

·         Developing a usable WBS

·         Using the WBS to clarify product constraints and activities

·         Using the WBS to facilitate project  development

1.       Project Planning—Estimating Resources

·         Defining an estimate

·         Specific types and methods of estimating (top down VS bottom up)

·         The estimating process

·         PERT

·         Final estimate development

·         Validating an estimate

6.       Project Planning—Scheduling

·         Scheduling Techniques (Milestones, GANTT Charts)

·         Using WBS

·         Critical path method

·         Risk assessment and logical schedule alternatives

7.       Project Monitoring and Change Control

·         Reasons for PM M&E

·         Elements of PM M&E

·         Status Reporting

·         Financial M&E

·         Change Control

8.       Project Execution (Under Development)

·         Procurement and vendors (tentative)

·         HRM and Team Development (tentative)

·         Quality Assurance (tentative)

·         Integrated Management (tentative)

9.       Project Costing

·         Project Closing (administrative)

·         Project Transition and/or handover

·         Post Project evaluator




Leadership & Team Building

Defining Leadership

·         A brief History of Leadership

·         The Theory of the Great One

·         The Trait Theory


Types of Leadership

·         Participative Leadership

·         Situational Leadership

·         Contingency-Based Leadership

·         Transformational Leadership


A Personal Inventory

·         An Introduction to Kouzes and Posner

·         A Personal Inventory

·         Creating an Action Plan


Modeling the Way

·         Determine your Way

·         Being an Inspirational Role Model

·         Influencing Others' Perspectives


Inspiring a Shared Vision

·         Choosing your Vision

·         Communicating your Vision

·         Identifying the Benefit for Others


Challenging the Process

·         Developing your Inner Innovator

·         Seeing Room for Improvement

·         Lobbying for Change


Enabling Others to Act

·         Encouraging Growth in Others

·         Celebrating Accomplishments

·         Making Celebration Part of your Culture


Encouraging the Heart

·         Sharing Rewards

·         Celebrating Accomplishments

·         Making Celebration Part of your Culture


Influencing Skills

·         The Art of Persuasion

·         The Principles of Influence

·         Creating an Impact


Setting Goals

·         Setting SMART Goals

·         Creating a Long-Term Plan

·         Creating a Support System

·         Dealing with Questions

Team Building:

a.       Definition

b.      Process

c.       Importance of Team Building

d.      What destroys teams

e.       How to involve isolated individuals in teams






Istanbul, Turkey


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