Financial Management, Budgeting & Audit

Chalkpower Launches 08 – Full Days Training Course on

Financial Management, Budgeting & Audit

March 25-April 01,2019

9:00- a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (Daily)

Istanbul, Turkey


Daily Topics:

Course Objectives:

In this conference, participants will be able to:

o   Compare FM for NGO’s with Commercial sector

o   Develop budget

o   Enhance auditing skills

o   Improve financial skills

o   Develop reports


Course Outline:


Why is Financial Management important for NGOs?

So what is Financial Management?

What is Financial Control?

Who is Responsible for Financial Management?

The Seven Principles of Financial Management

 The Four Building Blocks of Financial Management

 The Tools of Financial Management


Systems Design

 Financial Accounting vs. Management Accounting

The Right System?

The Chart of Accounts

Cost Centers 

 Cost Structures

Financial Policies and Procedures

What is a Finance Manual?

 Standard Forms

 Work Planning


 The Financial Planning Process

 What is a Budget?

Who needs Budgets?

Types of Budget

 Budget Structures

 Budgeting Techniques

 Top Down or Bottom up?

 Summary of Budget Terminology

 The Budgeting Process

 Good Practice in Budgeting

 Using a Budget Worksheet

 Summary: What makes a good budget?

 The Challenge of Core Costs

 The Challenge of Multiple Donor Program


Why Keep Accounts?

Accounting Methods

 Which Accounting Records to Keep

 Supporting Documentation

 Bank Book Basics

 Petty Cash Book

 Full Bookkeeping Systems

 What is a Trial Balance?

What are Financial Statements?

The Income and Expenditure Report

 The Balance Sheet

 What is Depreciation?

Accounting for Shared Costs



Who Needs Financial Reports?

What are the Annual Accounts?

Interpreting Financial Statements

Ratio Analysis – Quick Reference Formulas

Management Reporting

The Cashflow Report

The Budget Monitoring Report

Forecast Reports

Analyzing Budget Monitoring Reports

Variance Analysis techniques

 Action Planning

 Reporting to Donor Agencies

 Presenting Financial Reports

 Reporting to Beneficiaries


Managing Internal Risk

Delegated Authority

 Separation of Duties

 The Procurement Process

 The Reconciliation Process

 Cash Control

 Physical Controls

 Top Tips on the Warning Signs of Fraud

 Dealing with Fraud and Irregularities 


 What is an Audit?

 Internal Audit &  External Audit

 Summary: Different Types of Audit

 What Does the Auditor Need?

What is to be audited

Auditing Skills

Trainer and Class Room:


The trainer is PhD in Finance and Audit. Class room is totally practical and there is no space for THEORY.

Teaching Medium

English will be the medium of instruction for this training.





Istanbul, Turkey

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