Procurement, Contract Management & Negotiation Skills

Chalkpower Launches 08 – Full Days Training Course on

Procurement, Contract Management & Negotiation Skills

March 25-April 01,2019

9:00- a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Daily)

Istanbul, Turkey


This course explores the process of identifying, selection and negotiating with the suppliers that will help your organization to be successful.  No organization can be successful without appointing the best suppliers, and ensuring that contractual agreements maximize value for money. By applying the right processes for selecting suppliers, costs will be controlled, quality will improve and organizational efficiency will increase.

Suppliers will seek to optimize their return and need to be engaged in a way that ensures an appropriate relationship for the short and long term. Having the right knowledge and skills in tendering, procurement and negotiation is essential for any organization to be successful, and requires appropriate planning and preparation rather than luck and optimism.

This course will feature:

§  Selecting the right procurement strategy

§  Developing tenders, producing tender evaluation criteria and bids evaluation procedures

§  Analyzing competitive bidding processes

§  Practicing negotiation skills

§  Administration of the procurement and tender process


§  Discuss elements of a good procurement process

§  Develop methods of contractor performance measurement

§  Learn methods of tender evaluation

§  Review contract strategies

§  Improve procurement and negotiation skills


How Tendering and Procurement Aligns with the Organisation Strategy

§  Influence of the external environment

§  Adapting to new business models

§  Critical supply strategies

§  Transforming the Supplier relationship

§  A Systemized Procurement cycle (Starting from planning to delivering a contract)

The Tendering Process

§  Elements of a good procurement process

§  Selecting the right contracting strategy


§  Developing tender evaluation criteria for Goods, Works & Services procurements

§  Bids evaluation procedures (Goods, Works and Consulting Services)

§  Negotiating with short-listed suppliers

§  How can we be sure we are obtaining a good price?

§  Evaluation procedures of financial bid and cost analysis

§  Case studies

Advanced Procurement Skills

§  Transforming the supplier relationship

§  Defining the organization’s mission in supplier relationships

§  How to be a good customer

§  Differentiating between SRM and collaboration

§  Optimizing the supply base


The Negotiation Process

§  Avoiding confrontational negotiations

§  Communication techniques

§  New techniques in influencing

§  Understanding the other negotiator’s power

§  Negotiating pressure points and countermeasures


Implementing Improvements in the Organisation

§  Attract and retain procurement management talent

§  Producing a realistic personal action plan for improvement

§  Business continuity and contingency planning for procurement

§  What is Activity-Based Costing

§  Ways that procurement can improve finances

The Contract:

·         What constitutes a Contract

·         Relationship Contracting & Forms of Contract

·         The main players involved in a Contract and their roles

·         Key terms in a Contract & a brief tour of a Contract and its clauses

·         Obligations and liabilities

·         Typical areas of disputes in Contracts

·         Breach of Contract

·         Liquidated damages

·         Variations

·         Programming / Extension of Time & Delays

·         Risk Management requirements (Quality Assurance, Safety, Environment, Human Resources

·         Monitoring of progress

·         Arbitration / Mediation / Dispute Resolution (including case studies)

Contract Administration & Procedures

·         Administration Skills

·         Identification & management of risks & opportunities

·         Indemnity / Insurance requirements

·         Securities / Performance Guarantees

·         Document Control

·         Authorization Levels

·         Directions of the Superintendent / Company Representative

·         Tracking Costs & status of Claims for Variation

·         Process of review & evaluation


Programming and Progress Monitoring

·         Work Schedules

·         Site Meetings

Extension of Time and


·         Claims for Extension of Time

·         Process for review & evaluation inconsideration of the Project Work Schedule

Key Performance  Indicators

·         What Key Performance Indicators are

·         How KPIs are developed & managed to ensure optimum Contract performance

Contract Reporting

·         Tracking & reporting status of Variations

·         Tracking & reporting potential liability resulting from claims for Variation

·         Tracking status of extension of time & potential costs.

·         Evaluating & projecting changes to Project Work Schedule & Completion Date

Health, Safety, Quality Assurance &


·         Health & Safety Plan

·         Quality Assurance Plan

·         Induction requirements & training


Contract Close Out:

·         The Defects Liability Period

·         Practical Completion

·         Final Completion

·         Final Releases


Trainer and Class Room:


The trainer is one of the leading trainers in Istanbul. He has been conducting training for last 10 years.

Teaching Medium

English will be the medium of instruction for this training.


Istanbul, Turkey

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