CPEDAO Introduction

ChalkPower Education Development & Awareness Organization (CPEDAO)

is non-political, not for the profit organization. It is supported by all who love education and want the communities to be out of the darkness of illiteracy and unawareness!


One Pen, One Notebook & Book make the difference!

What we Do?

We collect school children the followings:

·         Stationary

·         Books

·         Play kits

·         Soap and Shampoo

·         Computers and Tables

·         Clothes

·         School equipment such as chalk/markers, boards, tables and chairs

In addition to that, we deliver training courses to the school children on:

·         Confidence Building

·         Public Speaking

·         Drawings and Calligraphy

·         Fast Learning

·         Awareness Hygiene & Health Care

We need your support if you are really interested in helping the caravan of education finds its way towards success.

News / Events

Project Management, Team Building & Leadership

Chalkpower Launches 8 – Full Days Training Course on


Procurement, Contract Management & Negotiation Skills

Chalkpower Launches 08 – Full Days Training Course on


Our Main Facilities

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Soon will be loaded

Our Vision & Mission

Anytime Contact

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